Registration Instructions


Did you purchase the Flight Club Book? The book purchase gives you a boarding pass to free access to this platform for 3 months!

In order to prove that you purchased the book you must...

#1 - Take a picture of yourself holding the book (get out your selfie stick!)

#2 - You will then post this picture on our Flight Club Book Facebook page - (

#3 - Then copy the URL of the image and paste it on the registration page - It will look something like this...

Locating the URL:

  • After you post the image, scroll down on the Flight Club Book page and on the left side you will see a section called "Visitor Posts".
  • Find your post and click on the time stamp.
  • This will give you your unique post URL. Copy from your browser bar and paste when prompted.

ALTERNATIVE... If you prefer Twitter then post your picture and tag @FelenaHanson. While Facebook makes it easy to copy and paste the URL, on Twitter it’s not as obvious. How to get your twitter link - Once posted, click the ••• More icon located within the Tweet. From the menu that pops up, select Copy link to Tweet. A prompt will display the link to the Tweet so you can copy it to your clipboard.

Upon completion of the registration page, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to set your account password.